Cllr Nalisile Mathetha

The Speaker as the Chairperson of the Municipal Council is responsible for ensuring that discussions and debates within the Council are conducted in a fair and impartial manner. This is done by ensuring that the Standing Rules and Orders of the Municipality is properly applied during the proceedings of Council.
The Office of the Speaker also ensures that there is a proper and functional public participation through the election and functionality of Ward Committees.

The Speaker is responsible functional Council Committees such as Section 79 Committees that strengthen governance and oversight in the municipality. Such committees include among others: Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) and Rules and Ethics Committee

Maintains Order

Must maintain order during meetings


Presides at the meetings of the Council

Municipality Representative

To represent the municipality at official functions

Code of Conduct

Must ensure compliance in the Council and Council committees with the Code of Conduct set out in Schedule 5, and must ensure that Council meetings are conducted in accordance with the rules and orders of the Council


Performs the duties and exercises the powers delegated to the Speaker in terms of Section 32. Must ensure that council meets at least quartely